Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike APK 5.3.10

Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike APK 5.3.10

Are you a fan of the Minecraft game? What about the popular Zombies game mode from top shooter Call of Duty (CoD)? Well, this game blends together the best from both of these games into one addicting FPS Survival game. Welcome to Pixel Combat Zombie Strike.

Playing the Game

The game plays almost identical to CoD Zombies, though some Minecraft elements have been mixed in.

For example, the CoD aspects are clear – This is a zombie survival game, where you will need to fight through waves of the undead. There are tons of secrets and mysteries to progress you through the game. Your weapons will include guns, axes, and other lethal items. And, you will need to build barricades in order to prevent zombies from flooding the rooms.

Now, some of the Minecraft features include – The art style and general direction of the game are inspired by Minecraft. Like Minecraft, you will have a larger inventory to carry your resources and weapons. You will have a health bar, instead of a hit counter. Furthermore, health packs are available to keep yourself alive and healthy.

There are also various types of zombies. Not all zombies are limited to being sluggish idiots and one-trick ponies. Zombies don Hazmat suites. These specific zombies can gradually damage you with the amount of radiation seeping from their bodies. Make sure to take care of the at a distance.

Next, is the base. In CoD, you would be introduced to the map with no means of safety. However, in Pixel Combat, you have a base where you can take a break and even restock on resources.

You aren’t alone here, the shop owner will keep you company and even sells you some pretty useful items and weapons for your run.

All-in-all, the game is an addicting and exciting blend of two of the most popular games in the world.

Graphics & Sounds

The graphics and visuals are a huge part of what makes this game so addicting and enjoyable for players of all ages. The art style of Pixel Combat Zombie Strike takes full inspiration from Minecraft. You’ll play in a blocky and simple pixelated world full of different surprises.

Although the style is reminiscent to Minecraft, the quality of the game is still high. Everything is displayed in stunning HD and well-polished.

Overall, the zombie shooting survival game looks amazing.

As far as sounds go, the game does a good job in setting the tone. All SFX are realistic and true to their context. The music is nonexistent. Which is a great nod to the CoD Zombies games. However, when you receive ad notification, there will be a short horror themed score playing in the background.

All of these small touches make the game’s mood perfect for the genre and theme.

Pixel Combat Zombie Strike APK Free Download

In addition to the already great features, there are a ton of more additions you can get with the modified adaption. With this APK, you’ll be able to take a few steps forward from the original version. These steps could make a huge different between life and death.

Note: Turn on before joined battle

So, with these obviously beneficial additions, you know what version of the game to get. So, download the popular 2-game fusion, Zombie slaying, FPS Survival game now.

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There are no new features in this update — all efforts have been devoted to bug fixes and technical improvements.

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Thông tin App
  • Tên App Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike
  • Package Name com.gsgames.pixel.combat
  • Publisher GS Games Studio
  • Cập nhật
  • Required Android 6.0
  • Phiên bản 5.3.10
  • Price $0
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